Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power – Complete Workout Program

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Get ready to sweat with Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power highly intense program that requires absolutely no equipment and promises effective results if you survive the 60-day challenge.

Created by Shaun T, an energetic fitness trainer, Tabata Power is a plyometric-based training comprised of 6 exercise rounds, a warm-up, and cool-down sections.

So, if you are ready to start a new fitness journey and get in shape, Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power is the ultimate fitness challenge you might want to take on.

Tabata Power is one of many Insanity Max programs and it is considered to be slightly easier compared to others like Cardio Challenge, Max Out Power, etc. It only takes 30 minutes every day to complete a series of intermediate/advanced level strength-based exercises to feel stronger each time.

If you are not in your best shape, this particular workout could be a starting point for you. However, don’t get too comfortable as it will squeeze the juices out of your body quite efficiently!

The first few days might not go exactly the way you have planned; however, you need to give your body some time to adjust and build some strength as you repeat tough exercises.

As people get more interested in effective weight loss programs like Tabata Power, we have created our detailed review on Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power.

It covers all the important aspects of this training method and it will hopefully motivate you to make the first step towards a leaner and fitter body.

What is Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power?

Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power is not your average workout program. This training concentrates on using your body weight to build strength and get more fit. As it does not use any weights you may rest assured that your body will not get bulked up. However, you will be able to burn around 230 calories in just 30 mins, get ready to sweat!

Usually, high-intensity workouts take longer than 30 mins and some may require you to have the equipment. Differently, from Tabata Power, all you need to worry about is simply getting the Insanity Max 30 DVD.

Lacking motivation for these challenging exercises?

The program has got you covered!

As one of the most inspiring fitness trainers will lead the session and you will have no reason to think about quitting. Shaun T is an experienced and passionate fitness trainer that will not let you give up on yourself so easily. So, summon up your courage and take the body transformation challenge!

The workout session structure is based on the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. This means you will only need to exercise and survive the first 20 seconds, knowing that after that comes a short break. Then you will get to the next exercise with the same approach.

If you want to learn how to enhance your workout results, read our article – Fasting Supplements – The Complete Guide. You can consume certain supplements before/during your training to provide more energy to your muscles.

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Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power Benefits and Results

Shaun T, the creator of Insanity Max 30 guarantees the workout will help you get in shape in 60 days. This intensive cardio challenge program has around 150 new moves categorized in various sections. Tabata Power, being one of those sections is unique in its structure.

Tabata is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) named after a Japanese scientist, who came up with this method of exercising for 20 seconds and taking a break for 10 seconds.

Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team tested this new method on a group of athletes.

The results?

A considerable increase in athletes’ aerobic (cardiovascular) system, as well as anaerobic (muscle) system, which was around 28%!

This proves that higher-intensity exercises in intervals can achieve better results compared to standard workout methods. Let’s get to the Insanity Max 30 benefits:

It’s not just about cardio

Although the workout includes cardio moves, it does not stop there. In some cases, when people are looking to build muscle mass, cardio may not be the best choice. These exercises are often efficient for burning fat, but if you want to get ripped, it might require a little more than that.

Therefore, the program also comprises strength exercises that use your body weight for total body sculpting. Our weight is quite enough to build muscle, and if you don’t want to get bulked up with lifting weights then these are the exercises you need.

You don’t need any equipment

Well, almost no equipment is required. There are several floor exercises, so you might want to grab a mat. Other than that, these moves are perfect if you hate lifting weights or using fancy exercise equipment. This also means that you can easily do this workout at home or anywhere else you prefer. No gym is required!

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It includes a warm-up and a cool down

You should take these two sections pretty seriously. Warming up before such a highly-intensive workout is essential and will prevent injuries. When you do stretch and other warm-up exercises, your body prepares itself by steadily increasing the heart rate and circulation. Your joints become loose and muscles are warmed up.

Take a few minutes to cool down after your session. These relaxing moves stabilize your heart rate and breathing. It also helps to prevent fainting and dizziness.

Sure, your exercise routine will become 2 minutes longer, but safety is the most important factor in any fitness training.

Supportive fitness instructor

Performing strenuous exercises would be almost impossible if you didn’t have an inspiring fitness trainer or a friend cheering you along the way.

In this case, Shaun T does an amazing job by guiding, motivating and not letting you quit, which sometimes seems to be the only thing you desire.

As the instructor does the entire routine along with participants, he also struggles and gets tired, but never quits!

Shaun T serves as a perfect example of how your body could be shaped if you are persistent and determined enough 🙂

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Modifiers are available

The program offers low-impact versions for beginners, which usually don’t include jumping and have less motion. Also, consider the modified option if you want to protect your knees, back, etc.

You can get your copy from Also, you can buy Insanity Max 30 from and get access to a specially designed workout routine.

Unsurprisingly, Insanity Max 30 program has helped many people to lose a lot of weight and gain more muscle mass. There are cases of mothers who managed to lose from 11.2 to 27.7 pounds as a result of the 60-day challenge.

Men have also achieved great results with this program. Some claim the exercises helped them to get rid of the beer belly and become fitter.

Here is a sneak peek of the program:

Insanity Max 30 Workouts

Insanity Max 30 can be perfect for the following people:

  • Anyone who doesn’t like training with workout equipment
  • Have some experience in training
  • Don’t mind pushing themselves to the max
  • Want to get max results in just 30 minutes
  • Searching for a program with no complex choreography
  • Want to get shredded fast

Tabata power is one the many sections in Insanity Max 30 and includes 6 rounds, each having exercises that last for 20 seconds and you get a 10-seconds break.

Here is the Tabata Power complete workout list of exercises:

Warm-up section


  • Straight arm jack. You do classic jack jumps, with your hands moving up and down above your head.
  • Scissor chest opener. Cross your feet with arms at your shoulder level closing in front of your chest and expanding into a T-shape.
  • Lateral lunge. Standard lunge moving side to side.
  • Downward dog spider. When you are in a downward dog position, perform a spider lunge interchanging your feet.
  • Repeat straight arm jack.
  • Repeat scissor chest opener.
  • Repeat lateral lunge.
  • Repeat downward dog spider.

Unlike the main workout exercises, each move in the warm-up section lasts for 30 seconds and you have a break in the end. The entire warm-up is four minutes long.

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Section 1


This section consists of high impact exercises and during your 10-second break, you will need to jog in place to keep your heart rate up. Remember to do each exercise for 20 seconds.

Then you can have a water break.

Section 2

This section is all about push-ups. And when it’s 10-second rest time you stay in Child’s Pose.

Water break

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Section 3

Prepare for working extra hard in this part, as section 3 is also a high impact. During your breaks, you will jog in place and keep burning calories. Also, keep in mind that there are 2 sets for each exercise.

Water break

Section 4

Now it’s time to carve your core with this set of super challenging core moves.  Your resting position here is a c-sit hold.

Water break

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Section 5

In this section, you will exercise your triceps and your resting position remains the same as in section 4 (c-sit hold).

Water break

Section 6 – Final round

This round is truly special, as you finish your workout strong! Here, you will repeat the hardest moves from previous sections and you don’t get to rest.

  • Split lunge punch.
  • Push-up rows.
  • Switch kick abs.
  • Speed tricep dips.
  • Speed power jumps.

Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power Warnings

Insanity Max 30 Tabata Power is a great workout program if you are looking for effective cardio exercises with a focus on core, triceps, quads, etc. This body workout 60-day challenge is a great combination and well-thought organization of various exercises have helped many people to sculpt the body of their dreams.

However, being a HIIT, Tabata Power may not be suitable in some cases. Due to high intensity and impact, you should consider several factors before attempting this kind of training.

Training experience plays a huge role here. If you have never done any form of physical activity, Tabata Power may be too challenging for you. It does not mean, however, that you may never be able to do it. You might need to start with some basic physical training first, get your body ready and only then opt for more challenging programs.

Also, you should consider your recovery ability. If you have a poor recovery system, doing a HIIT workout may create a risk of high levels of fatigue or even cause an injury. So, even if you want to push yourself but your body says back-off, you should probably listen to it. Try more gentle training first and remember that overtraining never did any good to anyone.

People with heart problems should be informed that HIIT consists of intensive exercises that stress the heart. So, if you ever had heart health issues, you should be careful with this training. Consult a doctor and take the necessary measures to protect your health and body. Plus, people with high blood pressure and those who smoke may also need to take precautions.

And finally, this workout may not be suitable if you had any kind of injuries. If the exercises cause you pain, then stop immediately. The injury may require more recovery time.

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This content has been Fact-Checked by a Certified Nutritionist in our Publishing Team. Learn more here.

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