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The OMAD Keto diet might just be the very best way to lose weight, get in shape and reclaim your health very fast.

If you love the keto diet and are looking to lose a few unwanted pounds a bit faster this ultimate guide to OMAD Keto is for you.

Please note it is always a wise decision to do your own research and discuss with your health care professional before making any huge dietary changes.

Let’s dive in!

What is the OMAD Keto Diet?


First off, let’s talk about Keto, what it is and how it may help you.

Under normal circumstances, the body prefers to use carbohydrates as its source of energy as it’s much easier to break down.

However when your body is low on carbs, fats are the preferred next fuel source. When this happens, your body is in a state called Ketosis.

In a nutshell, the Keto Diet consists of a diet plan low in carbohydrates and high in fats.

The Keto diet is pretty much a lifestyle, because firstly, it takes some time to reach ketosis.

Once you get there, you want to keep going to get the full benefits of losing weight.

It’s hard work but it pays off and it’s a sustainable diet.


One Meal A Day essentially means you fast all night and most of the day. You can only eat for 1 hour, 23:1 – most people opt to eat at the end of the day for social reasons.

OMAD is an advanced version of Intermittent Fasting which you can choose how long you want to fast for example 16:8 or 20:4.

But why fast?

A lot of people consider OMAD as a fast way to lose weight and because of its many health benefits.

Fasting allows the body time to cleanse itself of impurities as known as autophagy and reactivate the body’s natural healing properties on a cellular level mitochondria.

If you are considering OMAD Keto, all you need to do is eat keto foods within 1 hour and then fast the remaining 23 hours.

Why choose OMAD Keto? OMAD itself is hard enough!

The benefits!

Weight loss and more vitality and vigor.

Let’s learn more about OMAD keto benefits.

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OMAD Keto Benefits

feel good

It may be challenging to go to OMAD Keto.

Having only one meal a day is definitely a game changer, and your body will need time to adapt. (we will talk about this soon)

If you can manage to stick to it you won’t regret it!

Rapid Weight Loss

feel good and healthy

Carbohydrates are rich in starch and natural sugars. Sugary foods and carbs are the main causes of people putting on weight.

So straight off the bat, cutting these things out will begin the weight loss process very quickly. In addition, not eating right around the clock cuts down on the amounts of “leftovers” your body stores in your tissues and cells.

Further combing this practice with exercise, meditation, and proper breathing techniques will assist in how fast you see results.

And of course, your body will be burning up all of that fat you have stored up inside of you now and using it for energy.

The results?

Less body fat and a more chiseled/sculpted frame.

Increased Energy

Most of diets consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. We get most of our dry weight and all of our energy from these substances.

The smart scientists measure their energy output in calories and the number of calories per gram varies for each of them:

As you can see, fats have more than twice the amount of energy per gram when compared to their counterparts. But it also releases this energy slower.

Your body uses fats mainly for your growth, energy, and development of your hormones. When it is excess it is stored under your skin (subcutaneous fat) and in your abdomen (omental fat).

Sometimes excess fats end up blocking blood vessels and building up in your organs. Of course, we wouldn’t want that though.

Once the OMAD Keto diet sets in your body and starts to make use your body excess fat you will start to feel much more energetic!

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Better Blood Circulation

Sometimes your body stores fat in your blood vessels which can cause rather poor blood circulation.

Now as you start to enjoy your new OMAD Keto, your vessels will open up as more blood flows through them. This, in turn, will result in younger, more youthful looking skin.

younger skin


Autophagy is your own body recycling process where unwanted cellular materials are broken down, removed or reused from your cells.

When you are fasting after your omad keto meals your body feeds on waste materials that have built up in your cells.

This can lead to you developing a stronger immune system, natural healing, and more efficient cellar activity.

All of this continues to add to your better blood circulation, energy gains, revitalized metabolic rate, and youthfulness.

Helps With Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be caused by several factors and most people who have it have not even been diagnosed. One of the main causes of this disease is insulin resistance.

Insulin is used to transport glucose to your cells. The more glucose that’s in your body, the more insulin it will produce. I.e, glucose comes from carbs and sugary foods.

When the body produces an excess amount of insulin it overworks the pancreas until it becomes less efficient at breaking it down and removing it from your body.

As you OMAD keto recipes will be consist of fewer carbs (starchy foods) and sugars a lot less insulin will be produced. 

This alone can go a long way in reducing your risks of developing this illness as well as help with the treatment of it.

There are many more rewards to reap from an OMAD Keto diet. In particular, the benefits of fasting are quite astonishing and worthwhile.

OMAD Keto Cons

Not Getting Enough Nutrients

You may become malnourished from eating only once per day. It’s crucial to plan your meals to ensure they are healthy and rich in nutrients.

On average, we need 2000-2500 calories per day. But according to the British Dietic Association the one meal a day plan supplies just 750.

In addition, you may need to supplement certain nutrients like calcium and iron.

Food Obsession

It’s surprisingly easy to develop extreme cravings for high carb foods while fasting.

So it’s important to be mindful of this and not to overindulge or obsess.

Might Be Unsafe

Fasting does not agree with everybody. Some people may feel dizzy, weak or unable to focus.

We tend to function a lot less when we are hungry. Our decision-making skills and judgment may be affected by being hungry.

So, it might be a wise decision to not do excessive amounts of work while fasting.

Things like lifting weights, operating machinery, exams, etc. are definitely things that we should approach with caution when very hungry.

Get guidance from your health care professional before starting any new diet.

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How To Start OMAD Keto Tips

Girl chopping veggies

Keto Diet

Cut down carbs: Slowly phase out high carbs and sugary foods from your diet. By cutting down this food group, you will be less likely to crave them.

Add more fats: During the same phase as above, you will need to add more healthy fatty foods to your diet.  Preferably plant-based, such as avocados and nuts.

Here is a list of Keto Diet foods to choose from.

Start fasting slowly

If you are a fasting beginner, you won’t be able to fast for very long at first. Start by adding an extra hour or two between meals each day.

Add more hours when you get used to it and maybe even skip a meal here and there. Set yourself some goals similar to the following:

    • One keto meal every 6 hours
    • One keto meal every 8 hours

Keep increasing the time between meals by 2 hours until you are full on OMAD Keto.

Some people like to fast once a month while others can fast for 1 week or more. Find your balance where you most feel comfortable with. It’s always best to start slowly.

How to control your hunger

girl drinking water

That’s a tricky one that no one talks about. Normally hunger lasts about 15-20 minutes. You will normally feel hungry at the times which you usually eat, because your body is used to it.

Drinking water does help to control your hunger, you can also drink splarking water sometimes. The good thing about hunger is that it doesn’t get worse each time.

You won’t feel hungrier in the afternoon more than you were early in the morning.

Once your body gets used to eating once a day, you will notice that you will start to feel hungry at the same time everyday.

Get family support

Everything is easier when you have your loved ones support. You might be surprised to know how much they can help.

They might encourage you to maintain your discipline and celebrate each milestone. You might be a great influence on their eating habits.

Prepare enjoyable meals

If you eat what you love, you’ll love what you eat. So don’t go overboard.

Stick with what you know and create simple meals that you enjoy. Let’s talk some more about that now.

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OMAD Keto Meal Plan

Planning your meals ahead of time might be a major hurdle to get over.

After each of your fasting periods, your tummy may be growling, prompting you to eat just about anything.

So just in case, you don’t have the resolve to stick it through, start creating your meals 2 hours ahead of time.

Your aim should be to have a single plate of food and drink, well balanced in nutrients and energy. 1200-1500 calories ideally, and up to 2500 if you are a very active person.

Food Choices

There is a wide range of foods to choose from. As a rule of thumb, healthy foods, organic, pesticide/preservative free foods are best.

Dark leafy greens are great for your calcium and iron levels.

Vegetables rich in vitamins C:  such as broccoli, asparagus, carrots, are must-have staples for any OMAD Keto diet. If the tastes of veggies are a turn off for you be sure to add some spices and herbs for a dash of flavor.

Protein options: Now, you may want to go vegan, the choice is yours. There are many meat substitutes such as tofu, and vegetarian/meatless grounds on the market.

Meats: Beef and fish are great sources of protein. Nuts such as brazilian nuts and walnuts are also great.

Dairy products: Butter and hard cheeses like parmesan are also allowed.

Milk not so much, go for plant-based milk like almond milk because they are lower in sugar. Check out more keto dairy products.

Fruits: Try to add a variety of fruits to your meals. Watermelon and pineapple are absolutely delicious and low in carbs.

Fat rich foods: Do not forget to add fat-rich foods like avocados… that’s the cornerstone of any good OMAD Keto Meal Plan.

If you feel like you are not such an expert don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may need to hire a doctor or weight loss specialists to create a plan for you.

Also, you may find it easier to use a site like Your Keto for tailor-made OMAD keto recipes. 

The good thing about Keto foods is that they are high in good fat which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Can I do OMAD and Keto together?

Yes, absolutely.

If your diet before OMAD was predominantly high carbs and sugar you may begin to crave those things while fasting. Coupled with extreme hunger your body could completely shut down.

On the flipside, if you give in to your hunger and sugar needs you could quite easily overindulge, losing your way.

Keto solves this problem by supplying the body with all the fats and proteins it needs.

Hence, most people combine the two together.

What foods should I avoid on OMAD Keto?

By all means, try to avoid these four groups of foods like the plague:

  • Refined Sugars: that means no sodas, soft drinks, alcohol or other high sugar beverages.
  • Inflammatory Foods: refined carbs, processed meats, pastries, candy and those sorts of things.
  • Hard to digest foods: anything that is hard to digest will just overwork your organs. As a rule of thumb, if it takes too long to cook, avoid it.
  • Constipating foods: fiber is good for you but consume it moderately. On keto, you will need to minimize your fiber intake (legumes), therefore try to avoid foods that can make you constipated.

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Who should try OMAD Keto? 

If you fall into the list below Omad Keto might not be right for you. Be sure to seek a professional’s help before making any major decisions though.

  • Pregnant women
  • People with health conditions that require them to eat more than one meal a day
  • People with autoimmune diseases
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Cardiac patients

It’s not an absolute must for you to already be on a keto diet but it would make transitioning much easier.

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This content has been Fact-Checked by a Certified Nutritionist in our Publishing Team. Learn more here.

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