Pro Ana Diets – Everything You Need to Know to Lose Weight Fast

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Pro Ana diets, the various diet plans, their time frames and several tips and tricks regarding this method.

There are a lot of Pro Ana enthusiasts out there, and most like to fully devote themselves to attaining a super slim body and make it a lifestyle.

Normally Pro Ana Diet enthusiasts join various groups, chat rooms and forums, where they share their tips and diet plans, encourage and support each other to lose weight.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the these online communities and the 8 Pro Ana Diets. 

Pro Ana Diets 

Pro Ana is a movement (mostly internet-based) encouraging behaviors related to anorexia. Its community members describe anorexia as a lifestyle choice rather than a disorder.

These communities may differ from each other in their mission. Most of these organizations claim that they exist to provide an unprejudiced environment for anorexics.

Other groups believe that anorexia is not an illness but a lifestyle choice and should be acknowledged by other people.

There are countless websites dedicated to promoting this concept, which of course, have been the object of mass media attention.

“The thinner the better” is the main principle of the community. While some may strongly criticize this attitude, people looking to lose weight may find the shared tips, diet plans and the moral support very helpful.

Pro Ana lifestyle refers to the replication of the behaviors of people with anorexia.

Here are the 8 Pro Ana diets that claim quick and reliable weight loss:

  1. Lunabelle Diet
  2. ABC Diet
  3. Five Bites Diet
  4. Vegan Model Diet
  5. Russian’s Gymnast Diet
  6. Rainbow Diet
  7. Ana Atkins Diet
  8. Baby Food Diet

1. Lunabelle Diet

Lunabelle diet is a modified version of the ABC diet (Ana Boot Camp diet).

Instead of 50 days, it lasts only 40 days and has double fasting.

Calorie restrictions are 100-800 calories per day.

For fast days you are advised to prepare yourself and make sure that your health doesn’t suffer.

If you cannot do the fasting, then you can consume 50-100 calories per day.

After following this diet for 40 days you are supposed to lose about 20 pounds or more.

Lunabelle Diet Plan

2. ABC Diet

ABC diet, known as Ana Boot Camp diet is one of the most popular Pro Ana diet plans.

In this diet, you can eat anything you want by keeping the calorie limit, which is 50-500 calories per day.

So, in just 50 days you are expected to lose at least 20 pounds. It is exceedingly difficult to follow this diet as it allows very few calories.

That’s why it is advised to consider your health status before you start this diet.

3. Five Bites Diet

The 5 Bites Diet plan was created by Dr. Alwin Lewis, who claims that you can lose 15 pounds in a week and continue losing weight in the long term.

5 Bites Diet plan is about 800 calories per day, which is less than the daily recommended calorie intake.

This diet plan is meant to work like a gastric bypass without the surgery.

The main principle of the diet is eating anything you want but only 5 bites for each meal.

You should only make sure to eat some protein and take a multivitamin capsule.

A sample meal plan for 5 Bites Diet will look like this:

Breakfast: A cup of black coffee without sugar or 5 bites of oatmeal.

Lunch: 5 bites of sandwich or hamburger.

Dinner: 5 bites of any food you want (like 3 bites of pasta and cheese, 2 bites of apple pie)

You should also stay hydrated throughout the day, so make sure to drink plenty of water or zero-calorie drinks. Fresh lemon juice is great as well.

4. Vegan Model Diet

If you are following the vegan lifestyle then this diet should not be a problem for you.

Many famous models have claimed that they have gone vegan.

That could be the reason for their perfect flat stomach and striking beauty.

A typical daily meal plan of this diet would look like this:

Breakfast: a reduced calorie bread (1 slice) with 1 or 2 cups of black coffee. Total calories: 40

Lunch: a large apple Total calories: 120

Dinner: 8 baby carrots Total calories: 40

The diet should last 1 week and the total calories consumed should be 200 calories. You can also consume different fruits and vegetables for your meals.

5. Russian’s Gymnast Diet

This diet was used by the Russian Olympic silver medalist Irina Tschachina to get in shape fast.

She’s taller (5 ft 6) than most of the other female gymnasts and weighs only 99 pounds. To control her weight, she followed this diet for one week.

Breakfast: 1 glass of orange or apple juice. A large cup of coffee is also allowed.

Lunch: A fruit salad with 1 glass of fruit juice.

Dinner: 1 green apple and 1 glass of non-carbonated water.

The total calories provided by this diet is about 270 calories per day, so after 1 week you are expected to lose 4-10 pounds.

6. Rainbow Diet

For this diet, you are required to eat one color of food each day and fast for Wednesday.

The meal plan for Rainbow Diet will look like this:

Monday (White)

Breakfast: 1 cup of sliced apple (57 calories)

Lunch: 1 cup of sliced apple

Dinner: 1 cucumber (24 calories)

Tuesday (Yellow)

Breakfast: 1 banana (108 calories)

Lunch: 1 banana

Dinner: a ½ cup of corn (66 calories)

Wednesday (Fast)

Thursday – Orange

Breakfast: ½ orange (31 calories)

Lunch: ½ orange

Dinner: 1 carrot (26 calories)

Friday (Red)

Breakfast: 70 grams of strawberries (24 calories)

Lunch: 70 grams of strawberries

Dinner: ½ red pepper (16 calories)

Saturday – Purple or blue

Breakfast: 10 blueberries (8 calories)

Lunch: 10 blueberries

Dinner: 10 raspberries (24 calories)

Sunday (Green)

Breakfast: 80 grams of grapes (54 calories)

Lunch: 80 grams of grapes

Dinner: 1 cup of lettuce (7 calories)

Total calories for the week: 727 calories

7. Ana Atkins Diet

This diet completely excludes carbs as you will mainly consume protein and fats.

Here is an example of Ana Atkins diet daily meal plan:

Breakfast: 3 egg white omelet (51 calories)

Snack: Baked whitefish fillet with 5 grams of butter (220 calories)

Lunch: Roasted chicken drumstick, 75 grams of salad leaves (106 calories)

Dinner: 1 sirloin steak, 75 grams of salad leaves (253 calories)

Total calories per day: 630 calories.

By following this diet, you will reduce your weight quickly and by day 3 you will have diminished appetite.

8. Baby Food Diet

It turns out you can lose weight by eating baby food.

This diet recomments having baby food for breakfast and eat normal food for lunch and dinner.

Alternatively, eat normal food for breakfast and have baby food for the rest of the day.

Some tips:

  1. Consume organic ones as they have more vitamins.
  2. Eat more vegetable-based ones rather fruit based.

Breakfast: 80 grams jar of baby food

Lunch: Baked vegetables

Dinner: Chicken ragout with tomato sauce

Pro Ana Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight

Track your calories

There are many apps and tools available that can track your calories for you. Make sure that you consume fewer calories than you burn.

Stay hydrated

Water is extremely important when you are trying to lose weight. It fills up your stomach and keeps you energized throughout the day.

Track the macronutrients

There are several online macro calculators that help you keep track of what you eat. This way you can determine the right foods and the right portion sizes for your optimal weight loss.

Small meals

By eating smaller portions, you can trick your body into thinking it gets enough food.

Don’t forget about your vitamins

As these diets are pretty aggressive, it is crucial to take in your vitamins and make sure that you don’t have nutrient deficiency.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping can help you moderate your food intake and control your cravings. Having less sleep can lead to hunger and low energy level.

Find a diet buddy

If you feel like you are lacking motivation, it is a good idea to find a friend who will follow the diet with you.

Set a target

Before starting your diet, set your target weight. You can also set a realistic target for each week. This will make you more motivated when at the end of every week you see small results.

Drink warm lemon water every morning

Drinking warm water with lemon slices or squeezed lemon juice on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism and make you feel energized.


Daily exercise will help you burn more calories than you consume each day. Simply pick the exercises that work on the area of your body that you would like to concentrate on. Also, you can create an exercise routine which will make it easier to follow the set routine over time.

Don’t skip the breakfast

Always have a healthy high-energy breakfast, as it will affect your meal choices during the rest of the day.

Drink coffee and tea

Coffee and tea can suppress your appetite. They are recommended for almost all types of weight loss diets. Simply avoid consuming sugar when you drink coffee.

Go Vegan

During a Pro Ana diet, going vegan will make you cut dairy products that are calorie intense and hence help you lose weight faster. You might also get used to a vegan diet and continue for a longer time period.


Extreme diets can be dangerous, as your body can enter starvation mode and slow down the BMR.

Meaning that the body will store more fat whenever you eat more than your usual food amount.

Most diet plans listed above are usually designed for 1 week, as they aim to provide quick weight loss.

Therefore, if you decide to continue any Pro Ana Diets for a longer period, consider your health and all the side-effects.

It’s recommended to consult your doctor before starting any diet. 

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