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Tabata CrossFit training is a highly effective and popular form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) promising to carve out the body you have always wanted.

Whether you are a fitness junkie or someone who feels bored and unmotivated by their current workout routine, Tabata offers both varied and functional moves to generate a max output.

This particular workout method has proved to be so effective that, unsurprisingly, many fitness coaches have included Tabata in their programs.

CrossFit circuit training is one of such cases. It is often referred to as “the sport of fitness” since it includes high-intensity, cardio, and challenging workout elements.

These are usually picked from hardcore training programs used in sports like powerlifting, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, etc.

Tabata is all about interval training, which incorporates various movements in a single session.

The flexibility of the workout format makes it a great choice for CrossFit trainers, athletes and people who are looking to build muscle in a safe way.

Read on to find out if Tabata CrossFit is for you, learn its benefits, results and some fancy fitness words!

What is Tabata CrossFit?

Tabata was created by a Japanese scientist and sports trainer Izumi Tabata, who wished to improve the performance of the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating team back in 1996.

To test the effectiveness of this specific HIIT approach, he arranged the athletes in two separate groups and offered to pass different training for six weeks.

The first group had to complete an hourly moderate-intensity workout for 5 days every week.

Whereas the second group performed 4-minute high-intensity exercises (20 seconds training, 10 seconds rest) for 4 days per week.

The results were astonishing; athletes from the second group had reached a 28% increase in their anaerobic performance, as well as showed a 14% improvement in their VO2 max (the max rate of oxygen consumption).

Hence, this study showed that longer-duration moderate-intensity aerobic exercises may improve the aerobic capacity but have zero effect on anaerobic power. In addition, intermittent training with high-intensity exercises may boost both systems requiring much less time.

Standard Tabata workout includes 8 rounds with 20 seconds active training and 10 seconds rest.

However, there may be many variations of Tabata, depending on the target zone, the duration, and the fitness level.

If you are more advanced level than you may repeat the moves and increase the number of rounds for better results.

You may come across Tabata in your CrossFit class as one of the WOD’s (workout of the day). Usually, there are 9 fundamental CrossFit moves to learn, the other exercises come as their iterations.

So, if there is a Tabata WOD on the training schedule, prepare yourself for an intense fat-burning and muscle-building routine that will make you sweat buckets.

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Tabata CrossFit Benefits and Results

Tabata CrossFit combines plyometrics (jump training) and resistance training.

In that respect, many athletes benefited from utilizing this method for getting in shape for various competitions.

It does not simply help to gain more muscle and lose weight, but also boosts up anaerobic and aerobic endurance, making you stronger and increasing the tolerance for pain.

If Tabata turned out to be effective for athletes who later became Olympics medalists, imagine what it can do for a fitness enthusiast, whose target is to simply get in great shape and lose some weight.

This form of training has many things to offer, but the most useful ones are the improved stamina and endurance that make you strong enough to perform any other kind of physical activity.

Here are the top benefits of Tabata CrossFit:

1. Increased fat loss

As Tabata puts short-term stress on the body, it subsequently increases its metabolic rate.

The BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is increased to handle that additional physical pressure. Since the BMR shows the amount of energy the body burns, raising it will mean that the body burns more fat even when you are resting.

2. Improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity

The body’s aerobic power shows the greatest amount of oxygen it uses when performing tough exercises.

While the anaerobic capacity the highest amount of energy the body can deliver when there is not enough oxygen.

Anaerobic energy is created through burning carbs when the bloodstream lacks aerobically produced oxygen.

The well-known study conducted by Dr. Izumi Tabata has shown that these two important indicators are improved remarkably and hence resulted in faster muscle gain and weight loss.

3. Higher motivation

Tabata will not take much of your time. As it may last only 4-8 minutes, people can perform the workout even when they have a chock-full schedule.

You don’t have to drag yourself out of bed and go to the gym to do an hour-long workout. Once you get used to the Tabata exercises and build more strength, you will become even more motivated.

Plus, if workouts are something you truly enjoy, then you can easily add some more reps to your Tabata routine and expand the duration up to 30 minutes.

Tabata is an effective method to become better at your workout exercises. If you want to run further, Tabata can help you by raising your VO2 max.

While an increase in anaerobic power will provide sufficient energy for weightlifting.

Also, you may always modify your Tabata workout plan by adding those exercises that work best for your body type. If you need to protect your knees or back for any reason, you can filter out those movements that are high-impact to stay on the safe side.

In case you are a beginner in fitness and Tabata seems too tough for you to start with, then check out our article on PiYo Calendar – Full Schedule & Workout List Ultimate Guide. Here, you will learn how a low-impact combo of Pilates and yoga can use your body weight for a full-body workout.

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Tabata CrossFit Workouts

Tabata CrossFit consists of various Tabata exercises that will be applied according to the selected WOD type.

The list of moves includes push-ups, box jumps, weight lifting and many more.

There are countless exercises that you could perform, that’s why there are rare repetitions of the same WOD.

Although there are many versions of Tabata training, the interval timing is the same for all of them.

You are required to complete 8 rounds by strenuously training for 20 seconds and having rest for 10 seconds.

This might sound easy to do, however, do not underestimate the intensity of Tabata moves that will make those 20 seconds seem like lasting forever.

The main principle for achieving the best result is trying to do AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) for 20 seconds. Yes, you will have to push yourself to do one more rep before the timer ends. But that’s what will make you great in Tabata.

Check you this Tabata CrossFit video to see how it is done:

Here are the top 10 Tabata workouts to help you get started:

1. Front Squats

This exercise targets your lower body by strengthening your legs, quads, and glutes. It is performed with a barbell. Start with 90 lbs and see if you can handle it. check this video.

2. Plank

Plank is one of the best exercises you could do for your core. In Tabata, the first few rounds may seem easy, however, you will start feeling the burn later on. For an advanced version, you can move your elbows forward. Click here to watch the video.

3. Thruster

Thruster is a well-known component of the CrossFit program and it combines a front squat and overhead press. Many athletes use this exercise in their training and the results prove to be quite impressive. check this video.

4. Wall-ball

Wall-ball exercise targets your abs, arms, and glutes. It also requires a little bit of concentration and balance.

5. Handstand Push up

It is also called an inverted push-up or vertical push-up. If you have trouble with balancing then you can lean against the wall for support.

6. Row

This is a perfect exercise for toning your arms. The main principle here is to start slowly and gradually increase your pace.

7. Kettlebell swing

Your quads, glutes, shoulders, core, and back will feel the burn. This is an excellent strengthening exercise.

8. Ski erg

The row will seem like a piece of cake compared to this one. It will tone your upper body and is an effective endurance workout.

Who said that you must do one type of movement only? There are also Tabata mix workouts that you can opt for.

Tabata Mix 1

  • GHD situps
  • Thrusters
  • Bar muscle-ups
  • Snatch
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Burpee box jump-overs
  • Wall balls
  • Overhead squats

Tabata Mix 2

  • Ring muscle up
  • Hang power snatch
  • Toe to bar
  • Hang power clean
  • Assault bike
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Burpee box jumps
  • Handstand walk

Performing high-intensity exercises can be tough for your muscles. Your body will need some time to recover.

Nowadays it is no secret that many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are using special supplements called BCAAs to reduce muscle soreness and recovery time, as well as to enhance weight loss results.

Read our article on BCAA For Weight Loss – Ultimate Guide and found out how an effective workout routine and diet can shape your dream body.

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Tabata WOD Generator

If you are someone that has been working out for quite some time, you may be familiar with the term WOD.

It stands for Workout of the Day and is a popular term that is used with different kinds of keep-fit sessions.

Tabata WOD generators combine random workout routines with a Tabata timer. With such WOD generator applications or websites, you can exercise with already existing programs.

Alternatively, the WOD may be designed based on your preferences and needs.

You can choose your flexibility or strength level so that you will be able to perform all the exercises that the generator will present to you.

Additionally, your preferences may change depending on whether you are going to work out at home, gym or outdoors.

To find a good Tabata WOD generator you don’t need to look too far.

Search for it on App Store or Google Play and choose one that suits you best. Besides the numerous applications, there are also websites that you can use to make your everyday routine much more challenging and unique.

Tabata CrossFit Warnings

girl tired after workout

Due to the diversified nature of CrossFit, Tabata CrossFit workouts are not too common in athletes’ life. This being said, it is still very important to follow certain guidelines to avoid any injuries and only get the benefits.

Here are a few things you need to know before committing to Tabata CrossFit:

  • Tabata CrossFit is not for beginners. It has already been proven that people who want to implement Tabata in their workout routine should be in good shape and have a decent fitness background.
  • The risk of getting injuries is rather high. It is essential to make sure that you add up the intensity and duration of your workouts gradually.
  • Warm-up exercises are key before you start the Tabata CrossFit workout session.
  • Despite the diversified exercises, Tabata might still get a little boring. Doing the same exercise for four minutes often gets too repetitive and may cause muscle fatigue.

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This content has been Fact-Checked by a Certified Nutritionist in our Publishing Team. Learn more here.

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